Fate Grand Order Android 1.27.2 Apk Free Download

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Fate Grand Order Android 1.27.2 Apk Free Download

Fate Grand Order Android 1.27.2 Apk Free Download
Requires: Android 4.0+
Package Name: com.aniplex.fategrandorder.en
Developer: Aniplex Inc.
Category: Role Playing

Source: allfreegame.net

Description Fate/Grand Order APK

Fate Grand Order Android The battle system in Fate/Grand Order is quite complicated compared with mobile games on normally.

Before starting the quest, players must draw up party consisting of 6 servant (could be less), 3 servant at the forefront (2 servant belonging to the player himself, one servant owned by a friend), and 3 more as a backup if one servant at the forefront retreat,

In the battle itself, on the turn the player, the player can activate a wide range of innate skill of servant or skill players themselves.

Skill provided quite powerful, like making a servant does not receive any damage at all during one turn or add significant damage.

Fate Grand Order Android Download It should be noted that these skills have a long cooldown, so it requires the player to activate skill wise, let alone the skill affects only the one servant who selected only. Every servant also has a special bar called “NP”.

The bar was filled with a special command, and when full, the servant may issue the special moment every time a player is required.

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Fate/Grand Order Feature :

Optimized command card Battle of easy operation in smartphone!
Players continue to unravel the mystery defeat the enemy puppet remembrance we become a master.
Or fight in remembrance of preference, a strong fight or battle style in remembrance the player becomes available.

Whats New on Fate/Grand Order Latest:

Thank you for playing Fate/Grand Order. Here’s a list of changes going into this update.
■Update Contents
・Game System Improvement
・Various UI Improvement
・Various Bug Fixes
Thank you for your continuous support of Fate/Grand Order.

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